Starke Round Barn, Red Cloud Nebraska, Heritage Highway 136Starke Round Barn, Red Cloud NebraskaStarke Round Barn, Red Cloud NebraskaStarke Round Barn

1639 Highway 136
3.5 miles east of Red Cloud
(402) 746-4165

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Starke Round Barn is a historic and engineering marvel. More than 100 years old, the barn is massive in size but its frame is held together without nails or pegs of any kind. Measuring 130 feet in diameter and three stories in height, the structure is constructed with balloon framing and heavy timber supports. The Starke Round Barn is the state's largest and one of the largest in the nation. This extraordinary barn was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in April 1972.

Starke Round Barn, Red Cloud NebraskaThe Starke Brothers: Conrad, Ernest, William and Chris, who came to Nebraska from Milwaukee, Wis., built the Starke Barn in 1902-1903. The top level of the structure was used for hay storage, the main level of the barn was for machinery storage, and grain bins were eventually added around the silo. The lower level was used for livestock -- the southern half for cows and the northern half for horses.

The Starke Round Barn holds numerous special events throughout the year. The barn is also available for non-alcoholic private events. Onsite catering is available for groups large and small. Call (402) 746-4165 or email Liz Rasser ( for availability, menus and pricing.

The Starke Round Barn is a stop on the Trail of Treasures flea market and garage sale event, held the first weekend of October each year. Vendors can contact Liz Rasser  (402) 746-4165 for booth availability and pricing with proceeds to benefit future barn events.

Check our facebook page for the latest information on events throughout the year.

Floriani Red Flint Corn and Cornmeal now available from the Starke Round Barn 

Starke Round Barn, Heritage Highway 136 Nebraska'Floriani Red Flint' is a rare, open-pollinated red flint corn from Italy with unforgettable flavor — and the possibilities for cooking with it are endless. If you're hoping to become self-sufficient in grain, or if you're looking for a cornmeal with a rich, distinct taste and texture, then you'll love Floriani. This heirloom corn is an old variety from the Italian Alps that was originally selected for qualities that make great polenta. This particular variety is a landrace (a locally adapted variety that has more variation than a variety bred for specific qualities) from the Valsugana Valley, where subsistence farmers grew it as the staple food until the mid-20th century. The Alpine farmers dried their crop, shucked the ears, and ground the corn into a coarse meal that they boiled and served as polenta.

While the hulls are red, the meal is a deep yellow with a hint of pink. It is physically beautiful and has a rich, complex flavor to match. 'Floriani Red Flint' is the ideal grain corn crop for homesteading: productive, rewarding and not the usual industrial fare.

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