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Trail of Treasures, Heritage Highway 136 NebraskaHeritage Highway Trail of Treasures Advertiser Form

Heritage Highway Trail of Treasures Flea Market, NebraskaHow do I advertise in the Trail of Treasures Shopper Guide?

Download and print the Advertiser Form and fill it out. Attach payment and return it to the "Trail of Treasures" address provided on the form.  Please provide as much information as possible so that ads can be created and included in the Shopper Guide. Payment for ads must accompany Advertising Form. Late ads may not be included in the printed guide.  Ads must be turned in no later than September 1, 2016.

Trail of Treasures Shopper Guides will be available online, downloadable by September 15th. Thousands of printed copies will be available along the Byway at locations (to be determined).