Gage County - Beatrice Area - Self-Guided Tour

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Homestead National Monument of America, located west of Beatrice on Hwy 4. Homestead National Monument tells the story of the homesteading movement and the signing of the Homestead Act via interactive displays. When you arrive you will view a short 15 minute video and then can tour the 2 buildings that house this interesting information. Admission is free but there are several gift shops where purchases can be made. Go to for further information. Contact Susan Cook or Merrith Baughman at 402-223-3514.

Beatrice Bakery, located in downtown Beatrice. Home of Grandma’s Fruitcakes as featured on the Food Network’s “Unwrapped” show, enjoy free samples and purchase cakes in the shop.  A short talk along with a video about the Bakery will be given. View for additional information. Contact Shirleen at 402-223-2358.

Yesterday’s Lady, located in downtown Beatrice. Sue McClain, owner and collector of vintage fashions, apparel and accessories, has a vintage fashions shop located in a historic building listed on the National Register of Historic Places. She displays vintage clothing and gives a short talk on fashion and its history. There is a tea room in the back of the store where she serves iced tea and a light dessert for $6.00 per person for groups 10 and larger. A favorite with the ladies! Visit for more details.

Ratigan-Schottler Manufacturing, located in downtown Beatrice. This facility produces church alters, pews, chancels, etc and ships to locations all around the world. They offer free tours of their production facility. gives more background information. Contact Denise Schlake at 402-223-3220.

Cedar Creek Pottery, located east of Beatrice, just off of Hwy 136. Owned by artist and potter Ervin Dixon, a former Miami (FL) professor. Dixon’s shop is a creative and special haven housed in an old converted Lutheran church building in the country. Dixon features a vast array of functional pottery, all handmade. Free demonstrations to small groups by arrangement. Contact Erv at 402-228-0138.

Veterans Memorial Park, south Hwy 77 in Beatrice. A guided free tour is available by arrangement of this memorial to the military men and women of the U.S. who served or are currently serving our country. Go to to find out more. Contact Verdella Vetrovsky at 402-223-4041.

Gage County Historical Society, located on Court Street (Hwy 136) Beatrice. The former train depot, turned museum houses displays and information about Gage County history.  Contact Lesa Arterburn at 402-228-1679.

Great Plains Welsh Heritage Centre, located in Wymore about 10 miles south of Beatrice on Hwy 77. The Welsh Heritage Centre tells the story of early Welsh settlers on the prairies of North America through interactive displays, artifacts and oral histories. A tour will be given. $50.00 donation is appreciated for larger groups. Visit for further information. Contact Berwyn Jones at 402-421-8192.

For more information about additional tours of the Beatrice area including church architecture, ag-related tours including a dairy farm or no-till wheat farm operations, contact Jim Spangler, Gage County Tourism Director  at 402-223-2338 or by email: