The Art of Lucky Stradley, Hubbell Nebraska, Heritage Highway 136The Art of Lucky Stradley

PO Box 31
Hubbell, NE 68375
Ph. (402) 324-4188

Lucky Stradley has been making art of some sort almost her entire life and making a living with her art since 21 years of age. Lucky lives in Hubbell, Nebraska where she has a studio and kiln.

Lucky's artistic talents include carving pictures, portraits and logos onto leather, demonstrative art work for litigation, painting historical murals, painting signage, hand painted original t-shirts, jewelry making, creating artist dolls, folk art and ceramics.  Her sculptural work is done in polymer clay, paper clay, paper mache, and stoneware.

Stradley discovered the wonderful world of making faces on functional pottery in May of 2009. "I love mud. I love making faces. I love making faces in the mud. Gosh, I am the happiest when I have mud all over my hands and my apron and a cute little ugly face is looking back at me from the mud."

Lucky teaches several classes each year both in her studio and at other locations.  She also does presentations and workshops on sculpted pottery, art dolls and figurative sculpting for local clubs and organizations. Please contact her at 402 324-4188 if she can be of any assistance to you.